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Is Your Home Care Agency Using Social Media Effectively?

Social Media can be an incredibly powerful tool to connecting to potential new clients, but only when utilized correctly. Having an internet absence may lead those in your community to thinking that you are too busy to find new business- which means you’re too busy for them.

Develop an initial media strategy. What mediums would you like to attract attention from? How many times a week or month do you want to post? Would you like your content to be focused on the industry, your specific business or a mix of topics? A good idea would be to post information on caregiver and elder law and how you remain compliant, information on senior diseases and disabilities such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s and personal information about your business, like caregiver profiles and team outings.

After you come up with a vision for your content, you need to develop an editorial calendar to plan out posts, avoiding too many posts in one area back to back. This can be as simple as a reminder to post about certain topics on certain days of the week or as detailed as a topic idea for specific dates.

Each home care agency will have their own unique plan for their social media presence, so don’t fret if your media platforms are different from others in your industry. Make sure you like your topics and content and get started! You can always change up your strategy as you go. 

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