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Technology Helping Seniors Stay Independent

In years past, aging in the home has garnered visions of lonely seniors relying on life alert buttons to rescue them from the kitchen floor.

Technology has certainly made aging easier in the past few years. Systems now exist to order goods and groceries from the internet, adjust the thermostat and keep in touch with loved ones afar.

Amazon Alexa can answer questions, order products from Amazon, control sound systems and even send an Uber to its location. This product is allowing seniors to use the basic functionality of a computer without having to look at a screen.

Nest is a programable thermostat device that can be controlled form an app on a phone or tablet, at home or on the road. When seniors are chilly at night, they can turn on the heat.

Roomba is a wireless vacuum bot that cleans the house without any instruction. All that needs to be done is the initial set up and programming, then it acts on its own. It even plugs itself into its base when it needs to recharge!

BeON home protection lights allow traveling seniors to control their lights from an app on their smart phone. The lights also store a five hour charge in case of a power outage and automatically turn on when the fire alarm sounds.

Do you have any other recommendations for technological advancements that make a seniors life easier? Let us know and we’ll publish a follow up article in the months to come!

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