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AxisCare has provided me with an intelligent product

My company is a new home care company that started up in May, 2013. I was looking for a system that could help build my business. I looked at five other systems before I chose AxisCare. 

AxisCare provided the features I was looking for: a true web-based system that I could access from anywhere, unlimited number of users, clients, and caregivers, integrated telephony, online job applications, easy scheduling, a portal for caregivers, and complete integration with QuickBooks. Most importantly, AxisCare has provided me with an intelligent product that tracks my referrals and marketing efforts. 

The system is intuitive and easy to use. AxisCare provided free training, but I soon found that the system makes so much sense I can easily navigate through it myself. I've also used the YouTube training videos. AxisCare seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks so my weekly invoicing is simple.



It is so refreshing to use a system that actually makes the job easier!

There are so many wonderful things to say about AxisCare – where do I begin? We made the switch... to AxisCare over a year ago and have never looked back. Honestly, the difference is night and day, and it is so refreshing to use a system that actually makes the job easier!

As a employee in a rather busy office environment, AxisCare allows me to have all live updates regarding our clients and caregivers at the tip of my fingers. The many features that AxisCare offers is invaluable when it comes to assisting me accomplishing daily tasks like scheduling, notating changes, making those important business connections, both effectively and efficiently. Another feature I love about this system is how user friendly it is - It was so easy and fun to learn! 

I would most definitely recommend this software to any business owner who is looking to maximize efficacy and help their employees excel.



AxisCare is truly an amazing management program

AxisCare is truly an amazing management program. I worked with [competitor] for over a year and I feel this program has really taken things to a whole new level. Just when I think it can't get any better, they find something else to introduce to make it remarkable! AxisCare is very user friendly and helps me multi-task throughout the day and keeps me on track with the alerts. As a staffer, it ensures I get a great fit for our patients and also for our caregivers when we set the caregiver attributes. I could go on and on about this program and its qualities and have nothing negative to say about it about.

Any time I have had a question or concern I have been able to get in touch with them immediately and have my questions answered.



AxisCare works great on my iPhone and iPad

We have been using AxisCare for 18 months, and it has met and exceeded all expectations. 

We researched several alternatives, and Axiscare had the most functions, looked easy to use, and the cost was very reasonable. We have had awesome customer support - any questions or issues are answered quickly. 

AxisCare works great on my iPhone and iPad. The marketing function has helped our business grow through tracking leads and referral sources. 

I would recommend AxisCare to any company that is looking for a new homecare management software.



Customer support is fantastic

I work for Visiting Angels, and we use AxisCare on a daily basis to organize our patients, clients, referral sources, and schedules. We have many employees and patients, and the simplicity and resources of AxisCare make my job much easier than I could have ever imagined. 

Since everything is so clearly labelled, anyone can figure out how to use the program. I was able to easily access everything I needed within ten minutes of sitting down at my computer. Customer support is fantastic. I receive immediate response to any questions or comments I have, and they resolve any issues promptly. 

AxisCare has saved us countless hours staffing new clients with appropriate caregivers with the "Available Caregiver" option, and makes last-minute caregiver issues a breeze. We are able to email and text message our clients from AxisCare, and leave messages for our caregivers when they clock in for work with any additional instructions. We happily use AxisCare on a daily basis, and wouldn't have it any other way.



I would highly recommend the use of AxisCare

We at Visiting Angels provide non-medical, living assistance services. We switched over to AxisCare in May of 2012. The system was very user-friendly; the transitional period was surprisingly quick and had very little issues. We have not had any major issues since we began using AxisCare. The few minor issues that we encountered were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Based on the ease of use, customer/technical support, and all-around positive experience, I would highly recommend the use of AxisCare Total Homecare Management.



AxisCare has been an amazing tool for our business

AxisCare has been an amazing tool for our business. Being able to access the software from anywhere is a really nice tool when the managers are on call! 

There are so many features AxisCare provides that we enjoy such as alerts when caregivers trainings and evaluations are due, alerts that a shift has not been assigned, and being able to set clients to inactive status versus completely removing them from the system.



What used to take hours, now takes minutes

AxisCare actually makes time for us. It cuts down on the time it takes to manage schedules, do payroll and invoicing, and with AxisCare's direct input to our accounting system, the data flow is seamless. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. 

I have not found another system that works any better, we are very happy with the results.



I didn't know what we were missing until we started using Axiscare

Our office is one of Texas' leading companies in providing quality in home living assistance services. We NEED Axiscare to keep us going, organized, and growing. We started with a somewhat similar program before switching to Axis and I can honestly say I didn't know what we were missing until we started using Axiscare.

There are so many useful components such as great marketing tools, call logs, reports, calendar management, too many to list! It's also an added bonus to know the support staff is always there to readily assist. 

It's extremely user friendly and has any and everything you could ever want in a home care management system!



Having AxisCare greatly reduces the down time of training new employees

AxisCare has a lot of pros, but in my opinion the biggest is the ease of use. For someone that has been trained on another system or someone who is a brand new user, AxisCare's straight forward layout of the main dashboard and corresponding tabs make it this program very user friendly. Having AxisCare greatly reduces the down time of training new employees and greatly increases office productivity.



Using it has been key to our success.

The marketing component to AxisCare has fundamentally changed the way we do business.  Using it has been key to our success.



My office staff loves AxisCare

It is very user-friendly and allows me to market more effectively. I can see what is going on in the office with the call log, scheduling system, lead log and make sure calls backs are being made. I can also make connections with existing clients and marketing contacts faster and easier than ever. I really think this software is going to help my business grow.