Your Home Care Management + EVV Power Package

Electronic Visit Verification.

If you own a home care agency that handles Medicaid, those three words have been at the top of your mind since the 21st Century Cures Act mandated an EVV implementation deadline. Section 12006 of the act requires states to implement EVV for Medicaid-funded personal care and home health care services before January 2021.

According to the 21st Century Cures Act, specific elements of a visit must be electronically verified, including:

  • The type of service performed
  • The individual receiving the service
  • The date of the service
  • The location of service delivery
  • The individual providing the service
  • The time the service begins and ends
AxisCare Mobile App

What is AxisCare doing to provide a solution for EVV requirements?

Our Telephony and GPS Mobile App features make AxisCare a management and EVV power package for medicaid-enforcing home care agencies by allowing Caregivers to electronically clock in and out, automatically capturing the visit’s date, time, location, services rendered, and any other visit information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your state mandating a specific EVV vendor? Can you still use AxisCare?

If your state has already chosen to mandate a specific vendor, please reach out to us so that we can discuss integration options. AxisCare is already in the process of building integrations with many of the most popular EVV vendors, including HHAeXchange, Sandata, and Tellus, which will be completed well before the EVV implementation deadline of January 2021. Click the button below to see how AxisCare will be working with your state to provide an EVV solution.

AxisCare’s EVV Solution By State

Is your state in the process of choosing an EVV vendor?

Please let us know and we will investigate an integration with the potential EVV vendor. [CONTACT US]

Is your state letting you choose your EVV vendor (as long as it meets certain requirements)?

AxisCare meets federal EVV requirements and is a great solution!

Axiscare Mobile offline mode

AxisCare Mobile is the easiest way for Caregivers to manage visits with clients.

  • Clock in and out (restricted by GPS geofence)
  • Document activities performed (ADL’s)
  • Record care notes, mileage, expenses
  • Track inter-visit travel time and break times
  • View upcoming and historical visits
  • Navigate to client’s home in your device’s Maps app
  • Respond to open visit requests from your agency
  • Client and Caregiver Signatures

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