Medication Reminders

Back-Office + Point-of-Care Medication Management

Properly document, schedule, and report on all medications your clients are taking, keeping your caregivers, clients, and physicians on the same page.

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Proper medication administration is essential to your client’s health.

It’s estimated that 1/3 of seniors over the age of 57 take at least 5 medications a day. 55% of those seniors are not taking their medications as recommended by their physicians. AxisCare Medication Reminders provides your agency with the tools you need to properly manage your client’s medications.

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Documentation + Scheduling

Our comprehensive database of medications allows your team to effortlessly document your client’s prescriptions. Record vital details such as dosage amount, method of taking, scheduled days and times, start and end date, special instructions, and the medication’s purpose so that caregivers are aware of the physician’s request.

Track Medications Administered

Caregivers can track which medications have been administered with AxisCare Mobile. Customize instructions needed to ensure caregivers are fully aware of the details from the client’s physician.

Organized Medication Records

Manage client medications and records with printable Medications Administration Reports (MAR forms) and medication lists. Customize your records with specialized instructions for your caregivers, medication purposes, and agency information.

AxisCare is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. We have so many caregivers comment on how easy this system is compared to other agencies they have worked with.

Matthew, Visiting Angels

AxisCare is such a thorough, intuitive piece of software. Visiting clients at their homes is such a flurry of activity. AxisCare keeps me centered, and focused on the essentials.

Sarah, Spirit Home Health

AxisCare does everything I need it to do, and more. The support is excellent. I love how I can staff from my car on my mobile device as easily as I can from my desktop at the office. The reliability of this product is outstanding.

Scott, Visiting Angels
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