Scheduling, Designed By Agency Owners

When you’re ready to schedule a client, simply click one button to put them on the calendar and another to assign a caregiver. If you’re having trouble getting a shift covered, text or email a group of caregivers to offer them the assignment. 

Send open shifts to caregivers based on client and caregiver preferences. In the client notes, you can add characteristics like “Alzheimer’s Patient,” “Has a Dog” or “Afraid of New People.” Caregivers can also have characteristics that match those, and you can make them available or unavailable for blocks of time depending on their schedule. Search available caregivers that fit those specifications. You can even assign a preferential value based on how many times they’ve visited that client.

  • Caregivers can be reminded of shifts via text or email.

  • If a caregiver is offered a shift and rejects it, the system will keep their response in case later needed for HR purposes.

  • Schedulers are alerted if a caregiver is approaching overtime.

  • Cover your shifts and find recommended caregivers in seconds. Real time alerts for Caregivers that are late. Telephony & Messaging that’s a cinch to use.